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Yoga Classes

Chinmaya Mission Yamunotri offers Yoga classes at a reasonable price. 


About Hatha Yoga 

Having a healthy body, a calm/disciplined mind, and a sharp/subtle intellect play an important role in one's secular & spiritual life successes. Over a period of time, yogis have developed, refined, and adopted asanas, pranayam, and samyam (contemplative practices) that help maintain our health, manage energy, and restore ourselves with various concentration and restoring practices.

In our center, asanas, pranayam, and restorative practices are taught to invoke this overall well-being in a safe environment with care. Breath-integrated mindful movements orient us inwards and placing our bodies in these postures naturally evokes a spaciousness.

We weave asanas – standing, seated, prone, supine combine them into forward, backbends, twisted and inversion poses and aim to bring spaciousness, strength, energy and flexibility of the body and calmness to the mind.

Hatha Yoga 2024 Spring - Online


Once a month, a devotee family hosts Bhajan Sandhya, an evening filled with bhajans and kirtans sung together with family, friends, and other devotees. This could be to commemorate a special milestone in the family or simply to create divine positive vibrations in the home!

If you would like to host a Bhajan Sandhya at your home, please contact our coordinator at (847)-942-2107 or

Benefits Of Bhajan Sandhya

  • Bhajans can be one of the easiest forms of Worship.
  • Bhajans are songs sung to show our gratitude and love for God.
  • Singing or listening to devotional songs can remove negativity in one’s mind and fill one’s heart with joy, peace, and contentment.
  • It can elevate one’s mood and help create inner equilibrium.
  • When a bhajan is sung, it can cleanse the atmosphere and fill the place with positive energy.


Bhajan Sandhya 2024-04 - online

About Bhajan Sandhya

"nāhaṁ tiṣṭhāmi vaikuṇṭhe yogināṁ hṛdayeṣu vā tatra tiṣṭhāmi nārada yatra gāyanti mad-bhaktāḥ"

“I do not reside in Vaikuntha, nor do I reside within the hearts of the yogis, but I reside in that place where My pure devotees sing My holy name and discuss My form, pastimes and qualities” - Srimad Bhagavatam 4.30.35