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Vanaprastha Monthly Meeting

Sunday, May 19th, 4:30pm - 6pm



CMC Vanaprastha slide May 19 FINAL
Gita in Daily Life 2024-05- Online-1

Gita in Daily Life

May 25-27(Saturday - Monday)

10:00am - 12:30pm



Graduation Ceremony

June 1st, 10am.


HS Graduation 2024 - online
Summer Camp  2024 - flyer

Summer Camp

June 10 to 22, 2024


8:30am - 4:30pm


Family Fun Day

  • 5K start address - Chinmaya Mission Yamunotri - 30877 N Fairfield Rd, Grayslake IL 60030
  • T-shirt pick up -  Registrants must pickup their packets before the run/walk on either of the two times  from Yamunotri
    • June 22nd (Saturday) - 3.30 - 5 pm 
    • June 23rd between 7:30 am - 8:45 am
  • Parking & road closure Runners/walkers must arrive at Yamuntori before 8.45 am. If you arrive later than 9 am you will have to park off site and will miss the start time. The parking team will assist you if the Yamunotri lot is full and you need to use a remote lot.
    • The course will be closed for traffic from 9.00 am - 10:30 am. If you fall behind this pace, the roads will be reopened to normal traffic and you will be a pedestrian and subject to normal traffic rules.
  • The 5K race will start promptly at 9.00 am from Yamunotri Parking lot - left on Fairfield Road and turn around at Gilmer intersection, come back all the way to Hwy60 and then return to Yamunotri. The entire 5k distance will be traveled on Fairfield Rd.


Family Fun Day 2024 - online

CMW GitaFest State Finals_Print

Gita Fest 2024

Srimad Bhagavad Gita is one of the most revered scriptures for all Hindus.  This divine song of the Lord teaches us how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.  In honor of Swami Chinmayananda ji's 108th birth year celebration- GitaFest 2024 event will be held in Chicago on July 6-7, 2024.  It is a national event with participation by children and adults from all Chinmaya Mission centers across USA and Canada.

ABOUT GITAFEST:  GITAFEST 2024 is developed to incorporate 3 components that will surely enrich our lives- CHANT GITALIVE GITA  & LEARN GITA.  
The Bhagavad Gita Chanting NATIONAL level Chanting Competition (Chapter 4 - Jnanakarma Sannyasa Yoga , Shlokas 1-42) to be held July 6-7 at Chinmaya Mission Badri, Willowbrook, IL. Top 2 participants from each group (Grade 1-12) from the STATE finals (to be held in May) will qualify to participate in the NATIONALS.  Open exclusively to Balvihar students and members. All the details of the competition can be found here : GitaFest 2024
Open to All. Chinmaya Mission Families from all the centers are encouraged to adopt one of the yajna(s) mentioned in Chapter 4 of the Bhagavad Gita. This is NOT a competition but Gita Sadhana (spiritual practice)
Per Swami Sharananand ji's guidance- Our Chicago Centers are encouraged to practice vishaya tyaga "balance or control of the sense objects that bind us"
examples- over usage of cell phones, facebook, instagram, bad eating habits, too much shopping, too much gossiping, etc.  Please choose one that is an issue for yourself and your children. and maintain a spiritual diary.  The idea is to reduce the time spent on these activities and redirect that energy into a more positive activity.  We will continue this sadhana until May 8 and the idea is to make it a lifelong practice.
Open to Children and Adults.  We learn about the knowledge of Gita through vocabulary, quizzes etc. Monthly quiz link has been established to kindle interest in knowing the meaning of the verses incorporating fun facts about the Gita.  Link to the quiz : GitaFest Feb Quiz  
For vocabulary link: MATSYA GROUP: GRADES 1 – 2 Learn thirty words from chapter 4 of Bhagavad Gita.Matsya Group Wordlist
                                KURMA GROUP: GRADES 3 – 6  Learn sixty words from chapter 4 of Bhagavad Gita. Kūrma Group Wordlist

                             VARAHA GROUP: GRADES 7 – 9, GRADES 10 – 12 Learn ninety words from chapter 4 of Bhagavad Gita.Varāha Group Wordlist



Chinmaya Adult study group members, balavihar teachers and students of Bhagavad Gita are invited to speak on one of the specified topics from chapter 4 for 3-5 minutes and share a recording of their speech through email to (, by July 1, 2024.

        1       Action and Inaction
○       karma & akarma; Verses 16 - 23
        2       Self Effort & Self Mastery
○       yajñaḥ; Verses 24 - 30
      3. The Glory of Knowledge
○       jñānam; Verses 36 - 39

🎉 Three best speakers will be awarded a cash prize and Trophy 🎉